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Discover how hypnotherapy can help you

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that we allow ourselves to enter.  It’s something that we do several times a day when we day dream or get immersed in something that holds our attention.  A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis in a therapeutic way by gently guiding you into this state of deep relaxation. Through a systematic approach it allows you to be open to new and positive thought patterns promoting freedom from many negative emotional states.  You will discover resources needed to overcome problems and bestow empowerment in your life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT) provides an effective treatment solution that can help with a wide range of issues.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can reduce anxiety and stress; help overcome fears and phobias; release feelings of depression and replace them with positive emotions; encounter sleep disorders and access natural sleep through deeper relaxation; stop panic attacks; effectively deal with pain management; provide positive steps to overcome fears and phobias; raise self-esteem and increase confidence; reduce symptoms of IBS; break unhelpful habits; release exam nerves.

There is strong evidence that CBT is positively effective. Hypnotherapy is recognised by the British Medical Association, the American Medical Association and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). When CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy are combined, (Hypno-CBT), it provides a safe and powerful approach in addressing a wide range of problems in just a few hours of treatment with lasting effects.